About Us

Surge Wellness is a multi-disciplinary wellness clinic that is focused on helping you get out of injuries and maintain a healthy pain-free lifestyle. We provide high quality treatments that are personalized with our patients being our top priority. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best care possible, and we look forward to
working with you.



Our bodies go through lots of wear and tear over the course of our everyday lives and this can lead to dysfunction and eventually pain. With the proper assessment techniques, we are able to pinpoint where your pain is coming from. This enables us to not only reduce pain but effectively treat the root cause of your dysfunction. Our therapists spend countless hours honing theirs assessment and treatment skills to serve you best.


Our treatment includes a full body approach. Using manual soft tissue release combined with corrective exercises we are able to help you not only feel better but also move better.


Our end goal is to see you as a patient long term and as less as possible. With the proper care plan and education- we enable you to take care of your body at home and only see us when needed.


No. Physiotherapy is a direct access health service, so you won’t need a referral from your doctor or anyone else. You can simply call us for a review and we can give you advice and treatment.

Yes. We can facilitate direct billing to all insurance providers. Be sure to bring your insurance policy information and the amount of coverage as soon as you can, so there are no payment delays or issues.

We accept Visa, AMEX, Mastercard, Interac payments and Cash. If you are claiming on your health insurance, be sure to check with your health insurance provider about payment options before your appointment.

The clinic requires 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment, so let us know if there is an issue. Less than 24 hour notice for a cancellation or reschedule will result in a fee. This ensures that an appointment slot can go to a patient on the waitlist with enough notice to prepare.

Yes! We take ICBC claims and we direct bill to ICBC so have a seamless experience.


Take the next step and make your movement health a priority!

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